#1-5: Most Anticipated Artists of 2012

And now we are proud to bring you the second half of our 2012 all-star picks, with Dutchman NICKY ROMERO taking the top spot. Everyone on this list is amazing and talented and successful in their own right, but Nicky is really heating up, NBA Jam style, and we think this will be his year. Kudos to everyone who made the list – come to NYC as often as possible and show us what you’ve got! Enjoy and stay tuned for our most anticipated tracks of the year!
#1 Nicky Romero

We thought it fitting that Nicky Romero’s birthday was last Friday, so we are giving him the (semi-belated) gift of being our most anticipated DJ for 2012. But it’s not like when you are queen for a day, Nicky 100% deserves this honor, birthday or not. Back in March we interviewed Nicky prior to his stint at Ultra and things have only gone up from there for him. Nicky often collaborates with star and veteran Fedde Le Grand and last week they released two tracks together that we tagged as instant hits. Recently released Toulouse is a bona fide banger that has become a staple of scores of DJ sets and it climbed the Beatport charts at a rapid clip. Acid banger Generation 303 is coming out imminently on Musical Freedom and we simply can’t get his remix of Tonite Only – Haters Gonna Hate out of our heads. We can’t wait to hear all of his prolific tracks live as Nicky lands back at Pacha NYC, following his August debut, co-headlining with British megastar Calvin Harris January 21. Our #2 group on the list, Swanky Tunes, named Nicky as one of the young guys to watch and we totally agree.

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#2 Swanky Tunes

Composed of Smolensk natives Vadim, Dmitry and Stanislav, Swanky Tunes is not new to the EDM scene, but certainly new for Americans. Last year marked the first time that the Russian trio toured and performed in the States and we were there for their NYC debut at Provocateur and from that moment on we knew that 2012 would be an explosive year for them. In the past week they have already released remixes and previews for several of their tracks. Sending My Love is a staple of every DJ’s set these days and we know that they are waiting to release even bigger collaborations in the near future. The closed out the show in epic fashion at Avicii’s NYE extravaganza in NYC and were definitely the treat of the night. Look for the guys to be touring in February and March, making a stop here at Provocateur Feb. 23.

#3 John Dahlbäck

We contemplated selfishly keeping Dahlbäck off the list, because we are so enamored of him, in the same why one doesn’t want to have their fave neighborhood restaurant receive a review that sends hoards to diners to overrun the spot. However, we felt it unfair to not share just how awesome Dahlbäck is. The sheer breadth and depth of his production talent is overwhelming, and it is unsurprising to learn that he comes from a musically rich and inclined background that started him producing at a young age. We never hear a track from him that we don’t instantly want to put on repeat. He produces electro house – Overdose, progressive – One Last Ride, and combinations of the two – Grunge and Phoenix. Dahlbäck was a huge hit at Electric Zoo and now we can revel in his greatness once again when he makes a stop at Pacha Feb. 17.

#4 Deniz Koyu

If you think that you haven’t heard a Deniz Koyu track, you are almost certainly dead wrong. Tung! has been woven into an obscene number of sets since its release in June. Koyu has flourished under the wing of Flamingo Records and recently supported Dutchman Fedde Le Grand at Pacha in December. Hydra is another absurd Koyu release that has become as ubiquitous as neon colors at EDM shows. Koyu manages to turn mainstream tearjerkers and hip hop drivel into house gold, namely a remix of James Blunt – Dangerous and Flo Rida – Who Dat Girl. Definitely watch to see Deniz headline his own shows in 2012, he deserves it and we think the honor is fast coming. Also, like him on Facebook, he has wayyy too few fans!

#5 Third Party

Part of the Size Matters family, Third Party entered the EDM realm only at the beginning of 2011. And since then, how long have we been waiting for Third Party to release their remix of Otherside. A day? A year? A month? The time blends together as literally not a show goes by that does not feature at least one DJ dropping this track. Last week alone Bassjackers, Bobby Burns, Afrojack, Alesso and Avicii utilized Otherside on three consecutive Pacha fueled evenings. In conjunction with Tiësto and Skoda their remix of A Deeper Love was made available to all of their fans, completely gratis. We are hopefully that someday we can load Otherside to our iPods and jam with abandon.

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  • January 9, 2012


    Why is John Dahlback mentioned? He´s in the scene for quite a long time…

  • January 9, 2012


    We included new guys to the scene, but also players that have been around but we see them really exploding in 2012!

  • January 9, 2012


    Nicky Romero is a good number one, but I’m missing youngster Sandro Silva, a real boss in the studio!

  • January 9, 2012


    Where is R3hab? :)

  • January 9, 2012


    I said that myself today Canuck! Definitely adding to our list of Honorable Mentions!!

  • January 10, 2012


    Knife party?

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  • January 25, 2012


    Your missing this dude Archie.V, bout to smash the progressive house scene to bits with his catchy synths

    Coming out of left field


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