Moby Alert!!! Electric Zoo Festival Review

I am pretty sure that anyone who got to see Moby’s set at Electric Zoo Festival would have to agree that it was in the top 3 and by far the biggest surprise. I’ll be honest and say I’ve never listened to much Moby, but damn did he give everyone a treat. I caught the end of Laidback Luke on the Mainstage with my buddy, and we both agreed to leave since Moby was coming on and neither of us had an interest. We started walking away and heard his intro and ended up staying right through. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

There aren’t many good videos of Moby at the moment, but I think that this is the best one so far. The flare from the sunlight, the sky, the atmosphere, the music, all of it, really capture the moment of Moby’s set. Check it out. Def my favorite set at Electric Zoo Festival along with Armin’s.

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