5 Electronica Music Apps to Check Out


There aren’t too many house/electro music apps out there right now for the iPhone. We decided to compile a few of the better ones out there for you. Enjoy.

Armada iPhone AppArmada App – To dance music lovers, Armada Music is known as the ‘Best Global Record Label’, as awarded at the International Dance Music Awards of 2009 and 2010. So for all of you music freaks and beat lovers, Armada Music has launched a FREE app, to stay up to date on the latest news, check out the brand new releases and find out all about their favorite producers and DJ’s.

Deadmau5 AppDeadmau5 Mix – Now you can mix, dj and perform exclusive Deadmau5 music live on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Remix 10 Deadmau5 tracks by applying delays, effects, rewinds, cuts. Unique Scratch Pad lets you touch the music. Connect to your sound system and perform live. Simple, easy to use interface. Designed for creativity.

Beatwave – Create amazing beats and tunes without any musical ability using Beatwave for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  Using just your finger, you’ll be turning out sweet tracks that can amaze your friends. The app offers a comprehensive range of instrument samples, and endless ways to mix n match them, all wrapped up in a cool visual interface.

Electro Party – Discover thousands of new Electro DJ’s and DJ mixes worldwide with just one click at anytime. Connect with friends and spread your mixes around your “private circle.” Create playlists with your favorite DJ mixes, for hours and hours of unlimited DJ mixed music. A definite need if you want to stay current in the ever changing and growing Electro World.

Mixmeister Scratch – An innovative DJ Scratch tool for iPhone and iPod touch which, as they mention, lets you scratch anywhere and anytime. You can even do it one top of the song playing in your iPhone/iPod touch. It offers a list of vinyl scratch sounds to use and also lets you control the song volume while you are doing the DJ thing with it. And yes, it’s a free app.

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