Aero Chord – Surface


Trap/Dubstep Fan? If yes, get ready to sh*t yourself with amazement. If no, get ready to sh*t yourself with amazement AND be excited for the future of trap and dubpstep. Monstercat’s latest release, ‘Surface’ by the recently discovered Aero Chord will have all electronic fans rejoicing in the spirit of pure talent and bass.
Beginning with a dark and frothy buildup, you’re served with an eerie vibe of anticipation, one that unnerves and excites for the unknown to come….and of course- BOOM. Drop of all drops- crisp, clean, steady, and intense as crap with unique sound variations (violin? metronome?) that vibrate right through you. Thank you Aero Chord for creating the Nike commercial of music: an inspiring and motivating track that anyone can relate to.

Purchase: Beatport

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