Agreement Wedding Planner

No new service requests are required in the last month prior to the wedding. And, BTW, am I the only person a little concerned about this couple`s request to include such complex terms in a wedding planner`s contract?! 🙂 Please let me know. Thanks for the standard contract. What I did was visit other wedding venues and make pieces that worked for my business. Both companies have been in business for at least 10 years. But your contract model gave me another idea. 5.6. Clients should not change the date, time or location of the wedding without informing and advising the wedding planner of these changes to determine if the wedding planner is still available for services. If guests change the date, time or location of the planned wedding and the wedding planner is not available for service delivery, the wedding planner will be relieved of any contractual obligations and will not be responsible or responsible for any breaches. Guests also expire the wedding planner`s booking fee as well as a percentage of the service fee corresponding to the hours invested by the wedding planner until the cancellation for non-compliance.5.7. In the event that the couple is required to change the wedding date and the wedding planner is available to provide services, the wedding planner will do everything in its power to transfer site reservations, subcontractors and support for marriage coordination on the new date. Clients accept that in the event of a date change, all expenses, including non-refundable and non-transferable deposits and fees, are the sole responsibility of customers.

Additional fees may also be charged in excess of the fees set out in the original agreement. Clients also understand that last-minute changes can affect the quality of the event and that the wedding planner is not responsible for these quality compromises. I can`t wait to get back to work with her! And I did, with one of my favorite brilliant, Lisa, for her coastal wedding in Maine earlier this summer. I knew she was the perfect person to help me with my hair as 9.2. If clients decide not to hire a photographer and/or cameraman or hire a photographer and/or cameraman outside the list of suppliers approved by High Emotion Weddings, the wedding planner reserves the right to hire his own photographer and/or cameraman at his own expense to document the wedding for their own wallet. The concept of marriage remains the same as expected before the postponement. Hello Debbie – Me too (for the most part) offer flowers/decoration/and some planning for my wives. I sealed (until my fiancée) the agreement with verbal commitments and handshake hugs – my business started marrying my best friend son, then it was family weddings, family friends, family friends and most recently I concluded my first two marriages from my site.

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