ALBUM REVIEW: 3LAU – Dance Floor Filth

At this point, 3LAU has become one of the most talked about names of the last 3 months. His dazzling rise, fueled by and his resident DJ position over at, has been well documented. It’s unlikely things are going to slow down with the release of his first full mash up album ‘Dance Floor Filth.’

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This album has a hand in so many genres that even if you don’t enjoy EDM, you’d be hard pressed to not find at least one song that catches your attention for a few hours. Literally EVERYONE anywhere remotely connected to top 40 music is in here somewhere. From Drake, Kanye, Lady GaGa, Ne-Yo, Katy Perry, Adele, Elli Goulding and tons more, many of these artists have some of their biggest hits slammed together at light speed with tracks by leaders in electronic music.

The lead track, ‘Jagger Bomb,’ especially stands out as 3LAU melds together the crooning of Maroon 5’s Adam Levine with now legendary EDM tracks like Avicii’s ‘Bromance’ and ‘Koko’ by Sander van Doorn and R3hab. Of course at the center of the album is the mega hit that launched 3LAU to recent fame, ‘Girls Who Saved the World,’ but it’s tracks like ‘Dancing In the Back Seat’ that blur the lines between pop, hip hop and EDM and showcase the artist’s talents. Even though hits like LMFAO’s Party Rock (feels like it is on every single track) have been mashed to death at this point, 3LAU manages to give such an over played song brand new life in his collaboration with Kap Slap, ‘Turbulent Rock Anthem.’

The mash ups can be strange and unexpected at times but often manage to be very successful. 3LAU somehow finds a way to seamlessly blend together Robert Miles’ ‘90s dance classic ‘Children’ (trust me, you’ve heard it), Katy Perry’s ‘E.T.’ and Chris Brown’s ‘Beautiful People’ while Lil Jon shouts about shots in ‘E.T. Youth Takes Shots.’ Even simple things like a quirky effect to crack out Ke$ha’s vocals in ‘I-3low’ help make for a fun and funky dance tune.

As clever and innovative as some of these mixes are, a strong set of tracks will always have a weak link. ‘Rave Dirty,’ which merges Chrizz Luvly’s ‘Raveadelic’ and ‘Dirty Talk’ by Wynter Gordon, feels like a throw away. The song has its high points, but fails to shine with the same creative auditory unification that 3LAU has become known for.

After all the of this mash up mayhem, the album is closed out by the track that led him and Sex Ray Vision to claiming victory in Tiesto’s latest remix contest of the Dutch wonder’s track ‘Work Hard Play Hard.’

For a kid who is still in college and just had a summer finance internship, it is mind numbing how much is going on in some of these tracks, but truly impressive. But listener beware, if you don’t have ADD now…you might by the time you finish listening to ‘Dance Floor Filth.’

Make sure to download the entire album for FREE from 3LAU’s brand new website. Click Here

Featured tracks
Jagger Bomb
[audio: Jagger Bomb.mp3|titles=01 Jagger Bomb.mp3]

Dancing In The Backseat
[audio: Dancing In The Backseat.mp3|titles=03 Dancing In The Backseat.mp3]

[audio: I-3low.mp3|titles=04 I-3low.mp3]

Turbulent Rock Anthem
[audio: Turbulent Rock Anthem.mp3|titles=06 Turbulent Rock Anthem.mp3]

E.T. Youth Take Shots
[audio: E.T. Youth Take Shots.mp3|titles=09 E.T. Youth Take Shots.mp3]

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    katie peeps

    I agree with everything that Shikey says. Brilliant.

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