Alex Mind – Koyote & Not Exactly Remixes

When you’re talking regions of electro, Brazil has to come into the discussion. They’ve perfected the dub-house/electro-step sound before it was trendy to make that style of music.

Along with countrymen Felguk, Alex Mind (no relation to Michael Mind) has led the charge in Brazilian electro house.

Case and point, these two remixes.

Firstly, his take of Candylands’ ‘Koyote.’ What a drop, what a breakdown. It’s like dub step at 128 BPM (and minus the frustrating bells and whistles.) The remix turns the original on its head and shakes out it’s pockets. A true hardcore dance/rave track. It’s available for purchase on Beatport.

Candyland – Koyote (Alex Mind Remix) (Preview)

Deadmau5, whether you’re a lover or hater, is a polarizing figure in the EDM community. Many DJ’s do not play his originals. Not because they aren’t good, but more so because they’re too good (if you can find a video of a DJ, other than Deadmau5, dropping ‘Strobe’ please leave it in the comments section.) It’s a respect thing. His music, of course, isn’t exclusive just to him, though. He’s usually the one doing the remixing, but every once in a while someone will intemperate one of his tracks.

Mr. Mind did! Deadmau5 thinned the line between progressive and trance with his 2008 release, ‘Not Exactly,’ Mind electrified it in 2011.

The grimey electro sound that gives way after the drop is, simply, incredible. Deadmau5′ music has proven to be insane when it is of the electro variety. Mind furthered that

Deadmau5 – Not Exactly (Alex Mind Re-fix)

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