APD – Desire (Sunny Lax Remix)

Damn this is trancey. Not like festival filling hands in the air trance a la Armin, but uplifting, euphoric chill trance that’s slightly fallen out of fashion of late. Not that that matters though, as Sunny Lax sets on APD’s original with gusto, blending in the kind of melodies, washy vocals and bass stabs that would provide the perfect soundtrack to either a midday pool party or a midnight rave.

However, the production isn’t great, with reverb used a little too liberally and some of the sounds, (the lead synth in particular) sounding a bit cliched and 90’s. Its also at quite an odd tempo, 134 bpm sitting between the standard 128 bpm and the more raucous “hands up” thing at 140 bpm. This isn’t a criticism so much, as the tempo seems just right for tthe track as it always seems to drive but not too heavily.

A solid, but not standout track here, definitely one for the trance heads to soak up whilst this warm weather lasts.

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