Arcem – Over Bridge EP

Arcem - Over Bridge

I have a very pleasant surprise for all of you. One of my old school buddies, Sal Mercatante, who I haven’t seen in years (we both played saxophone until we quit because we hated our teacher) recently came out with his own artist album! Currently residing in Queens, New York, Sal started his beatmaking career in 2005. Using Ableton with his Nord Lead 2, which by the way is a kick ass piece of hardware, Sal has developed an incredibly unique sound that is not to be missed. With this said, I present to you the Arcem – Over Bridge EP! It was released today, April 20, and had already reached #32 on the iTunes Electronic Chart by early afternoon. The EP beautifully explores the IDM/Experimental/Ambient genres of Electronica. Posted below are my favorite 2 tracks from the EP, ‘The Spice Is Right’ and ‘There Was No Gravity Back Then’. I’m really digging the album and if you’re ready for a change of pace and pure originality, then check this out now! I am also calling it now that the song ‘There Was No Gravity Back Then’ will be used in a movie soon. You read it first here, Sal. Be sure to check out Arcem’s Twitter and Soundcloud too! Do yourself a favor and go purchase this album now!!

The Spice Is Right

[audio: The Spice Is Right.mp3|titles=03 The Spice Is Right.mp3]

There Was No Gravity Back Then

[audio: There Was No Gravity Back Then.mp3|titles=05 There Was No Gravity Back Then.mp3]

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  • April 21, 2011

    Tommy Mac

    Wayyy too experimental/ambient to do anything with in the way of a set, but sounds like it would make for a decent chill-out room mix. Always enjoy exploring new stuff tho. Good work by your buddy.

  • April 22, 2011


    I love the second track’s swirls of beeps and chirps that bounce off one another, seemingly trying to create a rhythm out of nothing. I don’t know if the artist meant to make this analogy, but I thought this was a profound statement about our own attempts to create beauty in a chaotic and ultimately meaningless world. When those estranged elements finally do combine into something of worth, the unexpected beauty is overwhelming. But like all things, the beauty is passing, and as quickly as the moment arrived, it has passed, and dissolves into nothingness, with the echo of its effects in its wake. (Forgive my waxing idiotic.)

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