Armin van Buuren – Mirage (Album Release & Review)

The release of Armin van Buuren’s highly anticipated album has finally arrived. After releasing his previous album ‘Imagine’, it marked a significant turning point in his career. Especially once he captured the number 1 spot on the Top 100 DJ Mag Poll in late 2007. Armin van Buuren has been one of the leading figures in the dance scene and this album helps reinforce why. Although some songs do have a ‘poppy’ sound to them, you knew this would be inevitable once you reach certain fame as Armin has. In my opinion, I think he has done a superb job in holding the #1 DJ spot down, while not selling out as much as others have (No need to mention names :p). You will notice that he maintains his original roots of music while still trying to reach out to a new audience. Below I chose some of the featured songs on the album, along with personal favorites. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Song Reviews:

Desiderium 207

Well, I don’t think you can start off an album better than this. Susana does an incredibly job on the vocals. The overall execution was perfect. I always love when dance albums start you off with a surprise, and Armin definitely gets the job done. Desiderium also is Latin for ‘desire’. Not sure what the 207 means, but maybe it took Armin 207 tries to make the song perfect… Which it is.

[audio: 207 feat. Susana (Extended Version).mp3|titles=Desiderium 207 feat. Susana (Extended Version).mp3]


Desiderium 207 slowly transforms into Mirage. Maybe one of my favorite’s on the album. Armin has been slipping this tune into most of his big sets this entire summer and everyone’s been feeling it. Awesome tune.

[audio: Mirage (Album Version).mp3|titles=02 Mirage (Album Version).mp3]

Not Giving Up On Love feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor

The newest single on the album. Just give it a listen and you’ll know why. Sophie’s vocals <3

[audio: Giving Up On Love feat. Sophie Ellis Baxtor (Extended Version).mp3|titles=Not Giving Up On Love feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor (Extended Version).mp3]

Full Focus

This was the first single release during this past summer. It really gave everyone a great idea of what to expect and contributed to the highly anticipated release of his new album.

[audio: Full Focus (Album Version).mp3|titles=06 Full Focus (Album Version).mp3]

These Silent Hearts feat. BT

A great main melody along with some really dope trance elements in here. The buildups and breakdowns are spot on. Love this one.

[audio: These Silent Hearts feat. BT (Album Version).mp3|titles=13 These Silent Hearts feat. BT (Album Version).mp3]


Maybe my favorite song on the album? I love the tribal or prayer-esk vocals Armin samples in here. The buildups in this song are spot on and perfectly executed. Also the main trance line that is used for the 2nd build up is one of the very best uplifters on the entire album. Well done Armin.

[audio: Orbion (Album Version).mp3|titles=14 Orbion (Album Version).mp3]

Minack feat. Ferry Corsten

I questioned this song at first, but then it grew on me. It’s actually one of the other very best on the album. Give it a try. Also on a side note, I do think that Ferry did most of this song :p

[audio: Minack feat. Ferry Corsten (Album Version).mp3|titles=15 Minack feat. Ferry Corsten (Album Version).mp3]


  • September 14, 2010


    i think the 207 in “desiderium 207” is to to with the track duration of 2mins 7seconds :)

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    Thanks Swedish House Mafia One Remix – we appreciate the compliment and are happy you added us to your google news reader. Feel free to shoot us an email if you ever want a review of any song, artist, album or event.

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    kheili bad hast

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