Arms Supply Agreement Last Shelter

Would you say that the supply of weapons is worth nothing but for the solar panel? I know resources become insignificant as soon as you move forward. ⇒If you`ve been playing the game for some time, you`d know about the supply of weapons – if you reach level 6, you`re going to run into an arms supply; The supply of weapons is the premium offer for players. It allows you to build two exclusive buildings; Solar power plant, construction center. The solar power plant provides you with more electricity than the wind turbine. And the construction center can increase construction speed by 10%. In addition, you get speeding, teleportation tokens and diamonds. I am base 20 and I have 4 farms and level 18. I never paid money for anything in the game and I never felt pressured. This game requires patience and planning of how it is played in real time.

It slows down progress, but the rewards in the game are worth it. You just have to get involved in a good alliance, and they`re going to help you, and you can also make new friends from around the world. Invest in long-term garages. Never buy singles just monthly heroes, the end of the world, supply. Rss is not worth your money. Arms deliveries are a daily bonus that you pay for 30 days alive. They receive daily rewards, but it costs money. Please click on [GooglePlay]- [Menu]- [Subscribe] – [Last shelter] [Unsubscribe] to unsubscribe Arm Supply.

Basic combat technology increases the chances of winning bold medals, frees up the animal promotion function, fight rewards and much more. CPA technologies; Increase unit capacity, reduce fuel consumption, increase resistance and much more. In short, pay attention to the research. Version 1.250.195 Out NowOptimization and Adjustments1. Dead soldiers can be cloned while cross state, but gene fragments cannot be given.2 The cloning of T10 troops is limited by the T103 troop limit. Optimized object symbols for Epic Hero/Legendary Development Hero/Legendary Combat Hero/Selection Recruitment TIcketsFixes1. Problems have been resolved regarding the ability of the angry child V8 Engine II, which had no effect.2. Problems have been resolved regarding the V8 V8 Engine III tracker capability, which has had no effect. There is nothing in the game that says the bonus expires after 30 days! Beware of guys, this company, so fake and deceitful, they steal your money and they never go back in emails! By retaining the account and joining the Alliance, you can claim 200 free diamonds. To retain the account, switch to the -> to retain > settings. Go to the inbox to get the reward.

Once you have a status number. , press any empty place – change area > -> press the OK button.

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