Arnej – No Turning Back (Time) (Robert Palliser Edit)

Arnej - No Turning Back (Time) (Robert Palliser Edit)

Our very own Robert Palliser is back with a new track and he brought a few dead presidents and historical figures with him.

In his edit of the freshly released Arnej – ‘No Turning Back,’ Palliser adds vocals (feels funny calling them vocals) of excerpts of famous speeches from JFK, FDR and Winston Churchill. A unique touch indeed. It works on a level above just laying a popular acapella over the track.

‘I didn’t hear an acapella when I heard this song,’ he said. ‘I Just felt a sense of wanting to hear something with driving words and motivation. Simple girl lyrics wouldn’t cut it.’

If you’ve ever heard Arno Cost open his sets with Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech over Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time,’ you’ll be in the same ball park with this edit. But, where Cost went big room, Palliser went uplifting.

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Arnej – No Turning Back (Time) (Robert Palliser Edit)

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