Artist Spotlight : ZHU

Steven Zhu (ZHU) (pronounced “zoo”),is a Los Angeles based American DJ/Producer/Songwriter. His style of music blends tight and unique rhythms with a symphonic edge (via Soundcloud). ZHU is an up and comer who’s name is not yet widely known but based off of his productions, I see that changing soon. Yet if that wasn’t enough…

ZHU is experimenting with an extremely intriguing and challenging project titled 52 to ZHU. The project demands ZHU to create one new track each and every week over the next year. The concept is awesome, but what makes it difficult is that ZHU isn’t just throwing together a mediocre remix week to week, he’s doing mostly originals. ‘Almost Over’, ‘Revenge Of The Orchestra’, and his extended vocal remix of Avicii’s ‘Bromance’ are some of the highlights but I’ve been impressed with basically every track. ZHU is only on week 7 of the project but I have a funny feeling by week 52, ZHU will be an EDM household name.

ZHU’s 52 to ZHU

Initially, I discovered Mr.Zhu from a remix he did of John Legend’s cover of ‘Rolling In The Deep’, check that one out here below, and in case you didn’t realize, each and every one of these songs are available for download.

John Legend – Rolling In The Deep (ZHU Remix)

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