Name: Aram Alnashéa
DJ Name: Stana
Nationality: Swedish
Style: Stanastyle (Electro House / Trance / House / Techno

Breaking down the walls of electronic music, Stana, aka Aram Alnashéa, brings his own heavy party sound to the scene. By age 6 he was appearing on television, by 14 he started producing music, and by 18, he had already released his first single. Stana has rapidly expanded his career since then, joining the world class of his profession with his new twist of sound. Stana’s taste can be accredited to his own fashion of music – coined “Tech Maniac”, and thus creating Tech Maniac Records as his own label. In 2010, ‘Amnesia’ was signed to Detox Records, making it one of his most successful releases. BBC Radio 1 claimed Stana “really excelled himself with this one”. Stana’s other hits include ‘Modernity’ (Tech Maniac), ‘Awesome’ (The Room), and Sonya (Freefall). Steve Angello gave his approval when ‘Mr. Ferrero’ was released by RockStar in 2011. Mixmag referred to “Modernity” as one of the craziest they have heard and asked what was “going on in his head”. Stana continued to grab the attention of the globe by just a few releases. From the underground parties in Stockholm that jumpstarted his career, to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Stana has entertained mass crowds around the world with his Tech Maniac flare. There is yet to see if a single continent will go untouched by his crowds.

Popular Tracks

Stana – Babylon
[audio: (Extended Mix).mp3|titles=Babylon]

Stana – Amnesia
[audio: – Detox Records.mp3|titles=Amnesia]

Stana – Hipsters Death
[audio: death (Extended Mix).mp3|titles=Hipsters death]

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