Arty – Around The World

I just wanted to point this song specifically out because it has been a recent hit lately on many mixes and playlists. Dropping a few months ago during the State Of Trance 500 in Den Bosch and being supported by many including Above and Beyond. It is a very catchy sound that Arty, one of Russia’s finest, brings us. Check this song out because I promise many DJ’s around the world will be dropping this in their sets. Also, be sure to get your Ezoo tickets because Arty is performing on the 3rd day (Sunday).


  • June 25, 2011


    Wow, thanks for posting this video! I didn’t film this or make the music… Yet I’m still so happy to see my upload be THE video for my favorite artist’s new song : ] Arty is the best. Keep up the good work, trance family!

  • June 28, 2011


    Trance Family!!! :)

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