Arty & Mat Zo – Rebound

Arty & Mat Zo - Rebound

Wowwowowowow. It’s good to be back!!!! Ultra was absolutely insane. I have a bunch of personal videos to upload too for you guys. One of my favorite songs leaving Ultra was from some of my favorite producers at the moment, Arty and Mat Zo. Enjoy :)

The 200th release on Anjunabeats is a high accolade, but in the case of Arty & Mat Zo’s debut collaboration it is easily deserved. Two of the most exciting forces in modern trance, Russian innovator Arty and London’s Mat Zo are consistently responsible for taking the sound into new directions – tweaking the trance template for the future floors.

‘Rebound’ lives up to all expectations and goes far beyond. A true journey of a track, ‘Rebound’ snaps from a shuffling, almost tribal tech intro into a ripping electro-charged bass assault that sets the energy dial to plus 10. Gliding into a uplifting breakdown, slowed down neo-classical keys take control before ‘Rebound’s magic moment – the warm rising, electro melodies and killer post-breakdown drop.

Entirely unlike anything else around right now, ‘Rebound’ is yet another sign that these two prodigious producers will be redefining their own sound – and the trance scene at large – for many years to come.



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