Avicii – Levels (@@ Remix)

Earlier this week, we said that ‘Levels’ won’t die. By that, we meant it is absolutely dead. Here’s the proof.

The one time juggernaut has clearly fallen on hard times. It seems to have become a novelty and sort of inside joke in the dance music world. If it had an ‘E! True Hollywood Story’, this would be the 30-minute mark where shit hits the fan.

Can’t blame @@ (that’s AT-AT) for cashing in. He’s clearly in on the gag. Hopefully this can lead to a following for the truer productions (or maybe more LOL-productions, who knows.)

Though it has been on Soundcloud for a little over two weeks, @@’s mix has gained notoriety over the last 24 hours. Sound your horns and have a listen (and a laugh.)

Avicii – Levels (@@ Remix)

Download: Here

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