Avicii Live @ Pacha NYC 10.22.10 (Reviews, Videos, Pictures)

Electronica Oasis was at Pacha this past weekend for Avicii’s PachaNYC debut on Friday night and he packed it out. He is an amazing producer/dj, but I did not expect this big of a turnout. When Avicii came into the scene, we all need to realize that he was noticed for his production skills, not DJ skills. It was because of his rapid success in the studio that friends and co. told him he should learn to DJ since it was a matter of time before he got signed. However, his set list and mixing Friday night at Pacha was flawless. He absolutely tore the scene up. Although, I would like to see him learn a couple more effects and techniques, but Friday night his track selection made up for it.

He played all of his big releases along with other progressive house jams. I lost my mind when he played Marco V’s ‘Reaver’. Among the great track selection were the likes of My Feelings For You, Hide and Seek (Avicii Remix), Alcholic, Hang With Me (Avicii Club Mix) and many many more. But the ones that got the real attention and turned Pacha into a zoo was of course Bromance, Dreamer (Avicii Dream On Mix) and the surprising drop of Leave The World Behind You (SHM + LBL).

Also, on funny side note, Tim Berg met the PachaNYC horn for the first time. I’m not sure how many other clubs have a string hanging right above your head that, when pulled, releases an enormous horn sound, but Pacha NYC does. I don’t think Avicii knew or felt comfortable using it, but then one of the VIP guests went over without Avicii’s permission, pulled the string during a buildup and the crowd went absolutely nuts. Avicii started laughing and he started using it for the rest of the night.

Overall, an amazing showing by the man from Sweden. Although Pacha was incredibly packed, Avicii is the real deal and in the future I’m not gonna expect any less of a showing to see him. Great Show, Great Night!

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My Feelings For You

Sweet Dreams

Show Me Love

Here are a few of the pictures we took as well. Make sure to check out ALL the pictures we took on our facebook page.

Avicii @pachanyc




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  • April 26, 2011


    This was not his debut at Pacha, he performed there last year in October.

  • April 26, 2011


    Oh yea, and there’s no such thing as “Hide and Seek (Avicii Remix)”. The remix he played Saturday is the Otto Knows remix. Retards.

  • April 26, 2011


    relax you tool. this review is from october last year. learn to read you ignoramus.

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