Avicii – Making of ‘Wake Me Up’ Music Video

‘Wake Me’ Up’ has climbed to the number spot in over 20 Countries around the globe as Avicii rides his first number one hit before his debut album September 17th, 2013. Now his first official album debut is right after celebrating his 24th birthday, September 8th, 2013 and only a few short weeks after closing out Electric Zoo’s 5th Anniversary at Randalls Island on Friday night, August 30th. What a schedule one of the top grossing acts of 2013 has ahead of him.

Avicii posted this Making of “Wake Me Up’ Music Video on his official Vevo channel. It gives a good look behind the scenes on how all the shots and story were incorporated into Tim’s hit single ‘Wake Me Up’. A story of two sisters trying to find the right place to fit in juxtaposed against Avicii’s debut of ‘Wake Me Up’ at this years Ultra Music Festival is only fitting, as many fans were wondering what the new producer would do to top ‘Levels’.

Many spat out backlash as to why country would be incorporated into EDM or for that matter even be performed live along aside a DJ. But now public opinion on his controversial song has waned as it has climbed the charts seemingly everywhere. Even Deadmau5 recently had some supporting words for Avicii, “Avicii’s taking risks. That’s actually admirable. I’m not going to f*#@ing shut the kid down for making something completely f*&#ing different because that’s actually what you need to do with music right now.”

Tell us what you think of Avicii’s new track. Do you plan on seeing him close out the first day of Electric Zoo 2013 next weekend?

In case you missed it, below is the official music video for ‘Wake Me Up’ by Avicii.

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