REVIEW: Avicii @ Radio City Music Hall 9.27.12

Photo Credit: Warren Whitmore

The first electronic dance music show to be held at the famed Radio City Music Hall took place this past Wednesday night, in the heart of Manhattan. Any long time fan of dance music would be the first to admit that a show without a general admission section – yes, you actually had to go to your seats – would be suspect, at best. However, Avicii‘s live show was visually reminiscent, if not on par with Deadmau5’s ‘cube’ in its sheer entertainment and aesthetic value. Coupled with the fact that Avicii dropped hit after hit, the crowd was left exactly where they wanted to be.

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Photo Credit: Warren Whitmore

Everyone’s 2010 ears were satisfied to hear personal old-school favorites like Tim Berg’s ‘Bromance‘, Avicii’s remix of ‘Hang with Me(Editor Note: Wow take a look how much the site has changed since 2010), his notorious collaboration with Sebastian Drums ‘My Feelings For You’ or even the David Guetta collaboration ‘Sunshine‘. Avicii also dropped what seems to be THE club anthem of 2012, Nari & Milani’s ‘Atom‘ before getting momentarily deep with Ummet Ozcan’s ‘The Box‘.

A well progressing set made way for for Avicii to end the night with Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Greyhound‘ into ‘Antidote‘ and finally, into ‘Levels’. Now let me say something here: I cannot believe how loud the crowd got for this song. The crowd responded relatively well all night – but any and all responses were put to shame the moment that ‘Levels‘ came on.

Now, it’s well understood that this song is his ‘hit’ – and it’s easy to understand that it was, at one point, a very good and playable song. But what is hard to understand is the energy that this song STILL creates. Without drawing any conclusions, it seems that perhaps even the snobby EDM culture-die-hard-infused-music-enthusiasts still fail to realize what kind of an impact this song has had on the entire scene – and it’s not going away any time soon.

Overall, Avicii’s set was far better than his performance at EDC, and couldn’t help but love hearing a somewhat unseasonable ‘Zombie Nation’ to end the night at Radio City.

Photo Credit: Warren Whitmore

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  • September 27, 2012


    Literally the worst concert I have ever been to in my entire life

  • September 28, 2012

    Chris T.

    Was at RCMH last for the full Furthur run back in spring ’11.
    You can’t go to anything Dead-related an not dance, and at RCMH that means going into the aisles for necessary room.
    But when the security is being brown shirts, a pain.
    During Furthur, that went from bad to worse (unlike that year before)

    Mainly that, and the announcment that metal detectors were going to be used, told me:
    stay away.
    what was that like? Could one dance in the aisles?
    Some more info about how the venue reacted to this crowd with their security would be nice?


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