Avicii Radio City Music Hall & Santa Monica Civic Center Tickets Now Available

As reported yesterday, Swedish piano mat Avicii is coming to Radio City Music Hall. As of 10 a.m. today, presale tickets for the Sept. 27 show and his west coast double header, Sept. 14 and 15, at the Santa Monica Civic Center are now on sale (yes, we’re talking to you, too, left-coasters)

Tickets for the Radio City Music Hall show are available here.

Tickets for the Santa Monica Civic Center are available here and here.

Both presales will run until tomorrow, Aug. 16, at 10 p.m. EST and PST, respectively.

And, if you were in the mood for some Avicii music, here’s a track the mad pianist has been supporting as of late.

Spenca Feat. Stevie Wonder – Superstition

In the mood yet?

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  • August 15, 2012

    Chris T.

    Was great to see Tim finally come back to NYC, after all those greater-area, but impractical, shows. Certainly the RCMH set will be fun.
    But then, going through the ticketing process, this comment:
    “metal detectors will be used”

    Enough already, I’ve had it with this shit.

    Not only is the price another one of those rip-off territory prices (unless one is going for the cheaper nosebleeds), but RCMH is not really that much fun for dancing (anymore).
    During the last Furthur run there, the security should have worn brown shirts with red armbands, they certainly already acted that way (for walkway incursions, not to mention for kind use)

    If that is how they treated the dead-heads, and there were NO metal detectors used to enter, then it’s hard to see that it won’t be even worse for this show.
    What are we, stupid cattle to be fleeced and proded to slaughter?
    (course this fool shelled out $175 for 10/27 at the Barcley center too :( )

    Sick of this, and the long line that is probable, and so on.
    Seeing as there’s no real free floor anyway, even without the above BS, RCMH is just not the great venue for this stuff.

    So, my shopping cart was left to expire. I know this will sell out even with all that, but for me, enough is enough.
    He’ll be back in a better venue at some point and that will fun.

    Just venting, sorry.
    For anyone going, I hope I am completely wrong and you have a great time to do your thing.

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