Beaconhills Agreement

Each section of the school has an acceptable use agreement, formulated in a language adapted to each age group. Each agreement is distributed through CareMonkey and for grades 3 to 12, students and a parent should sign the agreement each year. For parents, it is worth discussing and explaining the agreement with their child. Each student receives a university email address. It is usually in the format of This email account can only be used for study-related communications. It should not be used as a general means of communication. We start by defining the type of content we want to offer employees and students as “diligence” filters, and Netbox Blue will actively search for sites that fit that description. From there, we can block additional websites or allow the websites that teachers need for their program. The current circumstances concern not only physical health, but also social and emotional effects. Students may feel isolated or anxious or observe family members in distressed conditions.

Make sure students know they can continue to speak to teachers and other support people in your school. Remember that it is not healthy to sit on a computer or use a tablet for a long time without a break. Common Sense Media is an American organization that provides the most comprehensive resources for digital citizenship and security. They offer: – parental guide on movies – instructions on applications and their evaluations – advice for parents. (Note: This is a very US-centric guide) – free iBooks on different aspects of digital citizenship. During the university network, students are connected to our wireless points, which connect them to the Internet via a series of filters. The main system of the university is called Netbox Blue. It is an industry web filter that allows granular filtering of all Internet content that comes to university.

Parental controls can help your child not have access to certain sites, apps, or features. You can also monitor your child`s use of connected devices and set time limits. But beware! They can`t always rely on them – they should be used in combination with other online security strategies. It is a framework that extends to the entire community – teachers, students, parents and the library community. However, please note that students must use Safari to access the internet and the email app for their emails, so allow these limitations. Beaconhills promotes digital citizenship among all students. We work with students who are new to the program, on the responsibilities and consequences that come from connecting to the Internet and a “digital voice.” .

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