Bingo Players – Cry (Just a Little) (Official Music Video)

I can’t get enough of this track, I had put the Olav Basoski Remix on The Weekend Playlist back in May followed by the Original Mix just a week later. Then just last week I added the Kids at the Bar Bootleg Remix. So it can’t hurt to post it one more time? . . . Right? This time you can check out the Official Video from Spinning Records and make sure to purchase on Beatport! Don’t worry I have a new track from Bingo Players on this week’s Weekend Playlist (and its not another remix of Cry).

Original Mix
[audio: (Just A Little).mp3|titles=Cry (Just A Little) (Original Mix).mp3]
Download the Original Mix- BEATPORT

Olav Basoski Remix
[audio: (Just A Little) (Olav Basoski Remix).mp3|titles=Cry (Just A Little) (Olav Basoski Remix).mp3]
Download the Olav Basoski Remix- BEATPORT

Kids at the Bar Bootleg
[audio: (Just A Little) (Kids At The Bar Bootleg Remix).mp3|titles=Cry (Just A Little) (Kids At The Bar Bootleg Remix).mp3]

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