Bingo Players – Rattle (Candyland Remix)


The Bingo Players this year came to fame with their huge track ‘Rattle’ and have achieved complete stardom. They’ve produced other bangers like ‘L’amour’ and have distinguished their unique style. Their simple but huge beats are the foundation for their catchy tunes and have allowed their tracks to be easily identifiable.

About a week ago, Candyland officially released their remix of ‘Rattle,’ through Spinnin’ Records. This track was the winner of the Beatport vs. Ableton Rattle remix battle. The remix of ‘Rattle’ includes sounds of dubstep, moombahton and electro. Candyland’s remix of ‘Rattle’ morphs the simple banger into a grungy, headrocking, drumstep tune that seems to prove Candyland’s ability to make things BIGGER and LOUDER. The Santa Barbara duo, Candyland, flawlessly includes a dramatic tempo change later in the song that really keeps the party rockin.

Download: Beatport

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