Blog Love – Where We Get Our Music!

EO has grown quite nicely since its inception, and I think it is due mostly to the unique taste and efficient digging that our editors are capable of. I have seen a few other blogs that I am fond of do this ‘Blog Love’ type post, and I want to reciprocate. So without further ado, here is where we get most of our music from…I like to start with the Beatport top 10’s. If I really like something, I will certainly buy it, as we like to support the artists! Beatport is a no-nonsense, industry-standard way of seeing what the biggest tunes are by each genre. Although sometimes it is saturated with Deadmau5 releases or Toolroom releases, it is always a great way to find new stuff. Next, I like to check out BeatMyDay and GottaDanceDirty. These are two blogs I have been visiting long before we started EO. BeatMyDay is arguably the best house music blog around, and GottaDanceDirty is a must visit for any dirty electro-head. I also like to support a couple of fellow college dance music blogs and visit these sites on a daily basis. ParadiseBeats is relatively new but they tend to have good taste and consistently post quality tunes. VinylPenetration, which was started by a kid who also went to Lafayette College, is quite good for satisfying your dubstep fix. And also, Big10HouseMafia is a staple in my daily routine as well. Run singlehandedly by Jack Mulqueen, the dude has eclectic taste and posts everything from Gregori Klosman to Mord Fustang. I will also check all the blogs on our blogroll. Notables include 310 electro and Chubby Beavers.

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