Boemklatsch ‘One More Day’ EP + Remixes

Boemklatsch ‘One More Day’ EP by Boemklatsch

Boem, klatsch. Kick, snare. It’s as simple as that. Boemklatsch is an energetic group of friends who give a tear-the-roof-of guarantee to everyone who books them. Their hard-hitting choice of tunes, explosive dance floor productions and creative visuals will blow you away. The crew is known to be ahead of the pack in all types of uplifting electronic music, and they still don’t mind partying harder than their audience. They incorporate the newest styles of dance music into their territory and present it in a unique style. They finally have started producing and putting out their own records. Boemklatsch started up their own label BMKLTSCH RCRDS which has grown into one of the biggest indie dance labels. These guys are really cool and this song was great. 2 favorites are the original and PeaceTreaty remix. Enjoy!

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