Bounce Boat feat. Capital Cities & Solidisco

NYC’s premier boat-cruise party set sail this past Friday on a picture perfect summer night, featuring a headlining set from ‘Safe & Sound‘ famed Capital Cities.

Those who don’t regularly attend this party will be happy to know that drink prices fall short of most prestigious Manhattan night clubs. Throw in some scenic views of the Hudson, coupled with the New York City skyline and you have a genuinely unique party that has quickly been gaining momentum since it’s initiation in the summer of 2011.

With the exception of Solidisco, the opening sets were a little underwhelming, almost random at times. Poor beat matching and novice track progression plagued the first hour of music before leaving the dock. Other than that, the night was relatively flawless.

When one half of Capital Cities finally took the stage, the energy of the party definitely picked up. At one point Ryan Merchant actually walked off stage and into the crowd (presumably to check the sound at the venue) and no one seemed to realize which we thought was comical. Electronica Oasis also took notice of his live vocals during Safe & Sound which made the DJ set slightly more organic and personal.


“Bounce Boat continues to be one of the best parties in Manhattan and EO will make sure to keep you updated with their August lineup.”

*Photos Courtesy of Bounce Boat*

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