Can A Car Purchase Agreement Be Cancelled

I was shocked. I agreed by phone with the dealer to buy a 1.2 Huyndai i10 on PCP. I was happy with the agreement they offered and accepted and I gave an acompt. A week later, I went to the garage and signed the financing contract. I read the terms of the contract and understood what I signed for, and I was still satisfied with the agreement. I`m supposed to take the car tomorrow, so I looked for insurance offers when I found out that the agreement states that the engine size is 1.0 and not 1.2, as agreed over the phone. The effects of a breach of contract depend on whether the buyer has already used the car or not. My wife and I approached our local caravan/motorhome dealer with the intention of buying a new motorhome, which was in March 2014. We weren`t interested in the template, as there are so many different layouts and paying the requested amount of money was something we didn`t want to throw ourselves into. The money that would go for the payment of the motorhome would come from my pension which I will receive in October 2014, the trader was aware of our circumstances and said he would take our caravan as a partial exchange and offered us £9250.00 which we accepted. The caravan was sold profitably by the dealer before the end of March 2014.

The company still has my guarantee of the sale of my caravan, I signed a contract to say that the caravan was used as a partial exchange for a motorhome, but we still have not opted for the model or delivery of the vehicle. My pension fund should be used to insure our purchase, but unfortunately the expected numbers did not come in, I informed the merchant by letter of the problem and told him that I wanted to terminate the contract as I was not able to continue…

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