Carnage x Tony Junior- Michael Jordan (LOUDPVCK Remix)

The Trap duo ‘LOUDPVCK’ which is made up of New York City hip-hop producer Kenny Beats and electronic producer Ryan Marks are taking this new ‘trap’ genre to new levels with their remixes of everything from ‘Nervo- Hold on’ to ‘Autoerotique- Asphyxiation’. The duo has just released their newest remix and one of their best ‘Carnage x Tony Junior- Michael Jordan remix’, this track is pure madness. LOUDPVCK played this track at the ‘Adventure Club’ Electric Zoo after-party and brought out the man himself ‘Carnage’ which really got the crowd crazy. This remix was highly anticipated and sure doesn’t disappoint even ‘Carnage’ himself has started to drop this during his sets, this track is sure to get you jumping and dancing all night.

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