Cash Cash at Marquee NYC 7.12

New York based producers and DJ trio Cash Cash (comprised of JP Makhlouf, Alex Makhlouf and Sam Frisch) are set to play at Marquee this Saturday, July 12. Cash Cash recently released a four-track EP on Big Beat Records named after ‘Lightning,’ which features iconic vocals from Goo Goo Dolls’ front-man, John Rzeznik. The new EP voyages across Cash Cash’s repertoire; including a ‘party rockin’ monster’ remix from Candyland & DotEXE for ‘Overtime‘ exclusive to iTunes, a new version of their pop radio success story single, ‘Take Me Home‘ from Patrick Hagenaar along with two new takes on ‘Satellite’ from the likes of Quilinez as well as an additional Beatport exclusive from Häxeri.

Come party with us and get tickets now!


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