Cash Cash – Take Me Home EP

With their latest five track EP ‘Take Me Home,’ EDM group Cash Cash explores a plethora of genres. Regardless of whether or not it’s an electro house, progressive or dubstep track, the vocals prevail on each of Cash Cash’s songs.

The first track on the EP, ‘Take Me Home,’ is a highly addictive electro house ballad with an upbeat melody to compliment the strong vocals of Bebe Rexha. ‘Hideaway’ takes a completely different musical approach and is the only dubstep/drum & bass-esque track on the album. Cash Cash mellows out a little with their progressive house track ‘Satellites,’ which delivers a smooth beat. With a choir performing the vocals, it is hard not to sing along! ‘Here and Now,’ the second electro house track on the EP featuring of the vocals of Kerli, harbors the choppy sounds that resonate with the genre. Cash Cash slows it down with their experimental Glitch Hop track ‘Kiss the Sky,’ which features unique sounding vocals and an irresistible rhythm. Overall, with their Take Me Home EP, Cash Cash puts forth a strong portfolio showcasing their ability to dabble in many genres.

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