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Seven Lions – Serpent Of Old (feat. Ciscandra Nostalghia)

By Lizzy (@wizzywb) on November 22nd 2013

artworks 000063080074 jywmvd t500x500 Seven Lions   Serpent Of Old (feat. Ciscandra Nostalghia)
Seven Lions’ latest addition to the OWSLA label ‘Serpent Of Old’ errs on the darker side of productions. ‘Serpent Of Old’ begins with a soft beat that conveys a seemingly eastern-influenced melody. The distorted vocals of Ciscandra Nostalghia intensify the eerie effect of this ominous track. The vocals fall to the wayside momentarily in order to showcase the melody before reemerging to build up to a booming bassline that drops into a glitchy breakdown. With ‘Serpent Of Old,’ Seven Lions produces a unique, ambiguous and mysterious track that resonates with his reputation to deliver eclectic sounds.

Fresh off his North American tour with Krewella, Seven Lions has also seen recent success with his pair of hit singles: ‘Strangers‘ with Myon & Shane 54 and Tove Lo and ‘Fevers‘ with Minnesota and Mimi Page.

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Review: Skrillex 2013 Fall Club Tour – The Capitol Theater 10/13

By Danny (@BodegaDANZ) on November 17th 2013

skrillex fall club tour1 Review: Skrillex 2013 Fall Club Tour   The Capitol Theater 10/13

November 13th The Capitol Theater in Port Chester New York opened its doors to their first ever dance music event. The Capitol Theater was one of the last stops on Skrillex’s small ‘Fall Club Tour’. The American Dubstep phenomenon was backed with two opening acts with performances from Valentino Khan and Bro Safari. With a massive dance floor and huge balcony seating area The Capitol Theater was the perfect venue for Sonny to make his return to New York.

Major Lazer – Jet Blue Jet (Faustix & Imanos Remix)

By Joanna (@joanna0c) on November 12th 2013

Jet Blue Jet Major Lazer   Jet Blue Jet (Faustix & Imanos Remix)
Faustix & Imanos, formerly known for their house production, take a Major Lazer track and the result is something SICK! There are numerous remixes of Jet Blue Jet but this is an EO favourite. It includes a variety of different tempos including electro chords and smooth trap beat but the best is the unexpected and actually well placed dub step drop. Listen and love it.

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Event: Skrillex 2013 Fall Club Tour

By Danny (@BodegaDANZ) on November 10th 2013

skrillex fall club tour Event: Skrillex 2013 Fall Club Tour

After dominating 2013 with his ‘300% acid break house’ side project Skrillex is back on tour. Sonny just kicked off his Fall Club Tour and he’s now playing without the help of his group member Boys Noize. Boys Noize and Skrillex changed a lot of minds with their ‘Dog Blood’ side project with their unorthodox sound. The American Dubstep trailblazer gave critics something to really talk about with his new music selection. His now legendary 2013 BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix brought us some of the freshest house and techno tracks and showed Sonny’s range.

Juventa – Move Into Light (feat. Erica Curran) (Remixes)

By Lizzy (@wizzywb) on November 5th 2013

8487108 Juventa   Move Into Light (feat. Erica Curran) (Remixes)

Following up on the great success the original mix saw, Juventa’s ‘Move Into Light’ goes under four makeovers to yield four very different remixed versions of the track.

Toby Hedges, who was featured on Dash Berlin’s #MusicIsLife #Deluxe album for his remix of ‘Apollo Road,’ takes a progressive trance approach with his remix of ‘Move Into Light.’ Out of the four remixes, Toby Hedges’ sounds the most like the original track. Hedges smooths out the choppy breaks present in the original mix to produce a steady flowing track.

Koven gives ‘Move Into Light’ a serious face-lift, transforming it into a grinding, dubstep track with underlying drum kicks. Erica Curran‘s vocals are still prevail in between the chorus’ breakdowns.

Husman chose to further emphasize Erica Curran’s angelic voice by dropping most musical support during her verses. Husman’s remix begins with a very trouse-y entrance- heavily relying on grinding synths to carry the tune. The music momentarily breaks away for Erica Curran’s vocal interlude before building up to a drop and reintroducing the trouse-y grind for the finish.

The remix compilation certainly saved the best for last with the Teen Daze remix of ‘Move Into Light.’ The most musically pleasing and audibly satisfying of the four, the Teen Daze remix reveals a groovier, layered side of the ‘Move Into Light’ and is reminiscent of a track Kaskade might put forth.

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Cash Cash – Take Me Home EP

By Lizzy (@wizzywb) on October 30th 2013

8446166 Cash Cash   Take Me Home EP

With their latest five track EP ‘Take Me Home,’ EDM group Cash Cash explores a plethora of genres. Regardless of whether or not it’s an electro house, progressive or dubstep track, the vocals prevail on each of Cash Cash’s songs.

The first track on the EP, ‘Take Me Home,’ is a highly addictive electro house ballad with an upbeat melody to compliment the strong vocals of Bebe Rexha. ‘Hideaway’ takes a completely different musical approach and is the only dubstep/drum & bass-esque track on the album. Cash Cash mellows out a little with their progressive house track ‘Satellites,’ which delivers a smooth beat. With a choir performing the vocals, it is hard not to sing along! ‘Here and Now,’ the second electro house track on the EP featuring of the vocals of Kerli, harbors the choppy sounds that resonate with the genre. Cash Cash slows it down with their experimental Glitch Hop track ‘Kiss the Sky,’ which features unique sounding vocals and an irresistible rhythm. Overall, with their Take Me Home EP, Cash Cash puts forth a strong portfolio showcasing their ability to dabble in many genres.

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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Bassnectar – Timestretch

By Steffi (@steffi_mauro) on October 17th 2013

Throwback Thursdays12 THROWBACK THURSDAY: Bassnectar   Timestretch

Bassnectar released his ‘Timestretch’ EP in 2010 on the eve of electronic music’s plunge into popularity. Bassnectar spearheaded his particular style of dubstep, one that relies heavily on expansive melodies and trippy synths rather than the banging, distorted chaos of a Skrillex track. The EP’s title track is one that really caught us early on. Like many dubstep artists, Bassnectar came to electronic music production from the heavy metal scene and that dramatic flair is evident on this song. His songs have always been thoughtful, beautifully crafted creations that continue to exert a timeless appeal and influence dubstep producers to this day.

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The Madison- You’ve Got Some (Dubstep Edit)

By SilkyJohnsss (@SilkyJohnsss) on October 9th 2013

artworks 000058227777 1yg4hp t500x500 The Madison  Youve Got Some (Dubstep Edit)

Stanislav Nozdrachov also know as ‘The Madison’ is a Ukrainian DJ who seems to work best away from the club scene, he comes from the city Golaya Pristan where he develops his unique music that has gained top tier support. The Madison is a DJ who defiantly does things his own way which is a quality that sets his music on a stage of it’s own, he has had recent success on many labels such as Spinnin, Perfecto and Doorn Records. Now with release of his new track ‘You’ve Got Some’ many more people are going to know the name of this Ukrainian, driven by some nice electro synths with a deep bassline this track has many layers to love.

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Sub Focus Takes Us To The Movies With ‘Torus’

By Danny (@BodegaDANZ) on October 2nd 2013

Torus sub focus album cover Sub Focus Takes Us To The Movies With Torus

It’s been four years since Sub Focus released his debut album and now Nick Douwma returns with his second studio album ‘Torus’. The drum & bass specialist just might of just dropped one of the biggest releases in dance music this year. ‘Torus’ is absolutely massive, from the track production to vocals everything about this album feels huge. While our boy Avicii dropped another wildly popular gem last week with his studio debut, Sub Focus has quietly put together one of the most complete dance albums in 2013.