Cazzette – Weapon (Vicetone Remix)

Cazzette  Weapon (Vicetone Remix)

Vicetone released their newest track, a progressive house remix of Cazzette’s single ‘Weapon’. This track contains some nice vocals that go extremely well with the bass plucks and the synths. It also includes a big lead synth that listeners of other Vicetone songs may recognize. The song overall has a really nice feel and you might find yourself headbanging a bit while listening. Don’t worry, it’s normal.

Vicetone is a producer duo from the Netherlands and are becoming bigger and bigger in the EDM scene with every release. As with most of Vicetone’s tracks, this one is available for free. All you need to do is like their Facebook page. The link to it is below, and is also accessible from Soundcloud.

If you’re digging this track there is a remix competition ongoing for the original, you can check it out and possibly find a few other versions you like!

Cazzette – Weapon (Vicetone Remix)
[audio: (Vicetone Remix).mp3|titles=Weapon (Vicetone Remix)]

Download: Soundcloud | Facebook

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