Cee Lo Green – F**k You (Bart B More Remix)

Bart B More has quickly become one of Electronica Oasis’ favorite producers. So much so that when I woke up this morning there was already a string of emails between Chz and J Brown discussing this track. Just to let everyone know, this occured around 7:45 am, between hitting the snooze button for a second time and rolling out of bed. In the midst of this, I found myself reading about Christmas coming early this year, or actually how Chanukah couldn’t have ended any better. Well . . . . Chz and J Brown are absolutely spot on about this guy and I’m the next one on the B-More obsession train. He is blowing up the electro scene with every track he drops ( See ‘Brap‘ ‘Squeek‘ and ‘Let’s Go‘ ). Next stop on this train is this ‘Fuck You‘ remix which is another brilliant noise filled electro track that has been on repeat in at least 3 members of Electronica Oasis’ headphones.

Cee Lo Green – Fuck You (Bart B More Remix) by Bart B More

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