Celebrity/DJ Lookalikes

Many people have possible doppelgängers afoot in this world. Some have lookalikes with animals, musicians, artists, celebrities and even DJs! With that in mind, 12 DJs from around the world have a lot in common in the looks department with many notable celebrities. Be sure to check out the funny yet interesting doppelgängers of DJs such as David Guetta, Skrillex, Fedde Le Grand, Deadmau5, and more! Pictures are available after the JUMP! Make sure to comment with your own Doppelgänger!!

1. Joachim Garraud vs. John C Mcginley

While Joachim is busy with his Invasion Tour, he also has his weekly check ins at Sacred Heart Hospital to make sure J.D. and Turk aren’t goofing off.

2. Martin Solveig vs. Michael Cera

Martin Solveig may be world famous for his track, ‘Hello’ but his buddies Mclovin and Seth will always remind him about the time he puked on his high school crush, Becca.

3. Deadmau5 vs. Eminem

Joel Zimmerman may be clever hiding under that mau5head of his and supplying EDM fans with electro-house bangers, but we all know before he was producing beats he was winning rap battles in Detroit to pay for his Minecraft account.

4. Skrillex vs. Corey Feldmen

Skrillex may be responsible for dropping the bass and his infamous dubstep, however, his childhood consisted of gooning around and hunting treasure with Sloth and Chunk in Oregon.

5. Bart B More vs. Dexter

Bart B More not only makes some of the grimiest electro-house, but also kills guilty criminals in his spare time.

6. Moguai vs. Kiefer Sutherland

Moguai regularly graces DJ booths in the biggest clubs around the world, and in his spare time saves the United States from terriorist attacks in 24 hours

7. Funkagenda vs. Chester Bennington

Before Funkagenda became one of the most famous DJ’s to hail from the UK, he was in the studio with Jay-Z producing his world famous ‘Collision Course’ album.

8. Steve Angello vs. Orlando Bloom

Steve Angello doesn’t travel to Ibiza via plane, but actually travels by ship aboard the Black Pearl with Jack Sparrow.

9. David Guetta vs. Ellen Degeneres

David Guetta, not only the world No. 1 DJ, but also a talk-show host formally engaged to Anne Heche.

10. Fedde Le Grand vs. Adam Scott

While Fedde Le Grand takes time off from his DJ career, he spends time creating events such as the Catalina Wine Mixer with his brother Brennan.

11. Ferry Corsten vs. Kevin Bacon

Ferry Corsten, noted for some of the world’s best trance and his Corsten Countdown show also spends alone time dancing in Warehouses while drinking beer and smoking cigarettes to clear his frustrations.

12. Tommie Sunshine vs. Jeff Bridges

Tommie Sunshine, a master of electro-house and responsible for his label, Brooklyn Fire Records often refers to himself as ‘The Dude’ and has incredible bowling skills.


  • March 5, 2012


    This is amazing!!

  • March 5, 2012


    i like it! please do a another one with ingrosso,alesso,avicii,tiesto and arty? :P

  • March 5, 2012


    For the next one you should take a look at Kanye West. He looks just like Steve Urkel

  • March 5, 2012


    Guetta and Degeneres takes the cake!

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