Chuckie- Skydive (Candyland remix)

the duo made up of Josie Martin and Ethan Davis have just released their remix of Chuckie’s ‘Skydive’ and it is a little different than what we’re usually used to from the duo. Chuckie’s skydive track is a progressive sound with the touch of Dirty Dutch we’re used to from Chuckie, with beautiful vocals from ‘Maiday’ that makes this track have a mainstream sound. Candyland has taken Chuckie’s track to show us their versatility and as we’re used to Candylands’ crazy dubstep feel for their remixes, they have brought a nice high energy drum and bass change to this track. This remix is not just a good track but it’s for a good cause as it appears on the Dance (Red) Save Lives Vol.2 which all the proceeds from the album go to helping fight AIDS.

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