Crawley Borough Council Tenancy Agreement

They can`t borrow money from most banks, so it`s a good idea for them to go to council for help if it helps them access new rental housing. From March 2015 to June 1, 2019, an additional schedule was added to their lease for the Douster Crescent, Waterfall Crescent and Breezehurst Drive homes in Bewbush to cover the solar panels. You already knew that. All new crawley Borough Council tenants are now only offered a 5-year temporary lease instead of a lifetime lease (with the exception of new tenants over 55 who exceed sheltered housing). You will know more here. Crawley Borough Council operates a rental bond system to provide residents with the opportunity to access private rental housing within the district if they do not have the savings to pay a bond. As long as they can afford the monthly rent, Council has an option that could help them get authorized for a new lease. The following lease agreements include schedules for solar panels and energy monitoring. These are used when solar panels and/or energy monitoring devices are installed. These include Lonsdale Court and Barnfield House. The savings function allows the Council to limit the duration of the loan to six months. The savings should be sufficient to allow a cash deposit, either from the same owner or from a new owner, if a new lease is sought.

Some residents face additional financial concerns that make them unable to save for a new deposit. In such cases, the Council is free to extend the duration of the initial borrowing agreement by six months. Variations of secure rental contracts for certain areas: a visit to the property may be necessary. An inventory form is used to document the condition of the property and forms the basis for any future claims for compensation. Owners must apply to the Council to assert their rights, which may require a posteriori verification. Residents of Crawley Borough can apply for the rental deposit system directly from Council staff. Applications can be called 01293 438472. Interviews and evaluations take place at Crawley Town Hall. Most tenants whose initial rent was before April 2013 and new tenants in protected areas will likely have this type of agreement. The Crawley scheme is similar to other boards` plans, but it`s better for landlords and tenants alike.

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