Dada Life & Bart B More @ Pacha NYC (Review, Videos, Pictures)

It has been over a month since our last legitimate show review, and this is likely due to the fact that we have not attended a show worth reviewing…until Friday, January 28th. To sum the show up in one word: Ridiculous. If you have followed our blog at all, it is quite evident that we are all utterly and completely obsessed with both Dada Life and Bart B More. Therefore, we were looking forward to this show and had big expectations, and both Dada and Bart delivered! From the banger after banger set that Dada played accompanied by their large blow up champagne bottles and banana consumption, to Bart’s outrageously technical mixing and the dropping of both tracks from his new EP, the show was possibly my best experience at Pacha to date. Here are two original tracks from each artist, and check out the full review after the jump (read more!)

Dem Slackers – Let’s Go (Bart B More Remix)

Dada Life – Don’t  Feed The Dada

Dada Life (12:00 AM- 2:00 AM)

I thought that I would have a hard time taking Dada’s set seriously due to their ridiculous YouTube videos and on stage antics, but their live show was serious electro/house bliss. The Swedes got right down to business. Aside from eating bananas and jumping around on the DJ booth, they seemed to have their mixing down to a disciplined science. I believe they were switching off every 2 songs, but I am not 100% sure. Some of the nasty bangers they dropped over the course of their set were ‘Flash’ Nicky Romero Remix, ‘Hello‘ Dada Life Remix, ‘Alcoholic’ Dada Life Remix, ‘Replica‘ by Afrojack, ‘Turbulence‘ by Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke, ‘Conscindo’ by Wolfgang Gartner and Mark Knight, ‘Damascus‘ Dada Life remix, and ‘Swallow’ Dada Life Remix. The two highlights of the set that made the crowd go absolutely insane were Dada Life’s signature tracks ‘Unleash the Fucking Dada’, ‘Just Bleep Me’, and of course their new monster track ‘White Noise/Red Meat‘. Click below to listen to some of the fantastic tracks mentioned above!

Green Velvet – Flash (Nicky Romero Remix)
[audio: (Nicky Romero Remix).mp3|titles=Flash (Nicky Romero Remix).mp3]

Tim Berg – Alcoholic (Dada Life Remix)
[audio: (Dada Life Remix).mp3|titles=Alcoholic (Dada Life Remix).mp3]

Dada Life – Unleash The Fucking Dada
[audio: The Fucking Dada (Original Mix).mp3|titles=Unleash The Fucking Dada (Original Mix).mp3]

Dada Life -White Noise/Red Meat
[audio: Noise Red Meat (Original Mix).mp3|titles=White Noise Red Meat (Original Mix).mp3]

Bart B More (2:00 AM – 4:15 AM)

Now on to my favorite DJ at the moment. Bart’s sound is so unique and his sets are so technical, which makes his live show a true spectacle. The energy that Dada instilled within the crowd at Pacha truly seemed unsastainable, but our buddy Bart was able to keep it going. As he mentioned in our interview with EO a week ago, his favorite thing about DJing is to see the crowd loving his tracks, and this was definitely the case on Friday. Myself and Chz were constantly requesting songs to Bart, and for both his ‘Lets Go’ Remix and his original track ‘Make Some Noise’ Bart obliged. I honestly found his set to be quite refreshing, as he did not play banger after banger, but tastefully added in some of his own and lesser known electro. Some of the awesome tracks he dropped over the course of the night were his epic ‘Brap!’, ‘Yeah’ with an amazing ‘We Are Your Friends’ acapella, ‘Fuck you‘ Bart B More Remix, both tracks from his new EP (Gilles & Music, Music, Music), Tiga- You Gonna Want Me (Hey Today! Remix), and ‘Listen To This‘ with Harvard Bass. I am still in utter disbeleif regarding the quality of the sets, and I am SUPER happy that I picked this show to attend over Woflgang Gartner the following night! I am sure Wolfgang put on a hell of the show, but the fact that we all had room to move and enjoy both DJ’s absolutely murder it made for a perfect night at Pacha.

Bart B More – Music, Music, Music
[audio:, Music, Music (Original Mix).mp3|titles=Music, Music, Music (Original Mix).mp3]

Bart B More & Harvard Bass – Listen to This
[audio: to This.mp3|titles=Listen to This.mp3]

Bart B More – Make Some Noise
[audio: Some Noise.mp3|titles=Make Some Noise.mp3]


  • January 31, 2011

    awesome show

    agreed, really was a perfect night, great sets and as u stated “the fact we all had room to move” was the icing on the cake. never seen pacha so pleasantly packed

  • February 1, 2011


    Are you talking about the Angger Dimas remix of swallow or is it some unreleased track the I haven’t heard of?

  • February 1, 2011


    It is in fact the Angger Dimas remix that they featured on their December mix. Good call Jay…

  • February 9, 2011


    This night was one of the best Pacha’s night i’ve have come across since I started going to this place.

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