Dada Life – Happy Violence (Caveat Remix)

You can’t stop the Dada, today.

Figuring that we couldn’t wait until Monday for the release of their ‘Happy Violence’ vocal version, the head banging Swedish duo delivered us a remix of the soon-to-be-released track.

Not much on Caveat with just a quick Google search, but look closer and you’ll find out that he’s a 16-year-old aspiring producer from Southern California.

Aspiring, indeed! Check out his Youtube channel and Soundcloud page for his electro stylings.
In this remix, Caveat expands on the teaser Dada Life gave us and explores the track with dub-house plug-ins. The drop around the two minute mark is superb and the rewinding ‘Whoas’ you hear about 30 seconds after make the track.

A bright future looks to be ahead of this young producer.

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