Daft Punk – Random Access Memories Preview

Daft Punk  Random Access Memories Preview
Daft Punk just teased the internet and television viewers with yet another preview of their newest album ‘Random Access Memories’. Played as a teaser again during Saturday Night Live, and just released on Daft Punk’s website for their newest album www.randomaccessmemories.com which plays the same clip of a track on the upcoming album. With what we can hear in the clip, it sounds like the song title may be ‘Get Lucky’, but considering how short of a clip it is, it’s all a mystery for now!

With the amazingly clever advertising, teasers, and everything else Daft Punk has done for this album, and the fact it’s created by Daft Punk are sure signs this very well may be the best selling electronic music album in history.

The album can also be pre-ordered off of iTunes! The expected release date is May 21, and it is only $11.99 for 13 tracks! Link below.

What do you think of the preview? Are you buying the new album? Let us know!

Pre-Order: iTunes

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