DallasK and Porter Robinson – Jupiter Unison (3LAU Bootleg)

It’s hard enough mashing up two songs and making that sound good. 3LAU, in less than a year, has mastered mashing up two, three, four and five songs on a single track.

He can condense nearly an hour of music into a neat, five minute package. Tristan Garner-style

Since his ‘Girls Who Save The World’ bootleg, in the beginning of the summer, 3LAU has been a fixture in the mash up community and in the EDM landscape. ‘Jupiter Unison’ is further flexing of his studio muscle.

This free download contains DallasK’s ‘Jupiter,’ Porter Robinson’s ‘Unison,’ Cobra Starship’s ‘Make Me Feel,’ LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know It’ and Maroon 5’s ‘Stereo Hearts.’ After the jump a mashup video to go along with the track!

Make the right decision, 3LAU.

Dallask and Porter Robinson – ‘Jupiter Unison’ (3LAU Bootleg)

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