Dark Sky, Graze (Live) and Detroit Swindle – Input @ Output 1/16

Another great Thursday night lineup this week. Staying true to ‘Input’ form, all the artists are very dynamic and innovative.

Starting up the night are Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets, better known to most heads as Detroit Swindle. The two love putting together flawless outfits and cracking jokes about one another throughout the night. But what matters more to party-goers is the groups unrivaled productions. Luckily for us, the duo recently announced they will be releasing a new album come March!

Graze, who will be performing live, is made up of Adam Marshall and Christian Andersen. Both Toronto natives, they went to the same college without any knowledge of one another. The pairing is a bit unlikely as neither of them were keen to get into collaborating at first but soon became a great fit. The end result is quite genuine.

The headliner, Dark Sky, is a UK based trio with an ever-evolving sound which combines all elements of electronic music. Their productions are uniquely heartfelt and makes for some very smooth house.

Each group performing standout for different reasons, all good ones. Providing the ingredients for a perfect night at Output.

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Lover of all things with soul that make you wanna move and groove. Bring on the funk!

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