David Berrie – Kids + Flip Flop

My buddy David Berrie is back with two more tech house masterpieces, following up his incredibly well received ‘Aztek’ and ‘Underslang’ (which reached top 3 in the Beatport top 100 tech tracks) . Be warned people, this is NOT the poppy, big room noise you are used to from this blog. This is extremely groovy, extremely underground, and extremely well-produced, comparable to what you will be hearing when you stumble over to the Sunday School Grove tent at Electric Zoo this weekend (you can find me in this tent for the vast majority of the festival). You have to respect David, as he was once the most desired bottle service DJ and is now branding himself as an NYC tech house beast. I currently have this tune on repeat while watching the US Open. Perfect! FYI, David is using his David Berrie artist name to put out his techy tunes and his dBerrie artist name to put out his big-room/remix oriented stuff. I prefer the David Berrie stuff, although from a production standpoint it is all quite impressive :) Attached to the SoundCloud are all of his tech house gems so enjoy!


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  • September 11, 2011

    Ricky Rubio

    Juicyyyyyy. Pureeeeee. Fresssshhhhh. Just how I like my meals. Well-prepared. Compliments to the Chef!

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