Deadmau5 – Where Are My Keys

Joel is back with the brand of outrageously well-produced electro house that we have ALL come to know and love. I actually liked ‘Professional Griefers’ as well, but in this track he really brings back that big sound accompanied by hints of the organ synth he used for ‘Ghosts N Stuff’. I listened to this song 3 times in a row last night with a room full of house-heads in the East Village and we were blown away. This is the type of track that requires more than 1 listen to truly grasp all the elements and realize how club-friendly this tune is. Bring on the edits and bootlegs people! PS- Is he serious with that guitar plucking sample? His productions have become such next level shit as of late. Actually, they have always been that good. Can’t wait to see him in October in NYC!

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