Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – REJ

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - REJ

Intended for release in October, rising Belgian duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike decided to release their latest track, ‘Rej’ for September 26th, after they had received a massive wave of fan support for the single. The track, ‘a remake of the classic Amé 2006 cut, which is featured on ID&T’s official Tomorrowland after-movie.’ The video had gone viral, blog and EDM lovers around the world had been anticipated upon the release hoping it would drop immediately. This is exactly what Dimitri & Mike did.

“Since the video came out, it’s just been crazy the amount of people asking about Rej,” said Dimitri. “When was it going to be released, when could they get their hands on it… everyone seems to be going nuts for the track so we thought it was the right move to bring the release date forward.”

Upon their release for ‘Madagascar’ and ‘Generation X,’ Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s reputation for fantastic bangers continues to grow.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – REJ

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  • September 27, 2011


    anybody else hear ‘Esther’ during the build? lol

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