Eco – Walkabout/ The Calm EP

Eco - Walkabout / The Calm EP

In a time where many Trance DJs have transitioned to producing more electro house sounding tracks, it is a relief that there are still names that hold true to the genre. New York based producer, DJ Eco, is one of those names and Monday, August 5th marked the official release of his Walkabout/The Calm EP under the ASOT (Armada) label. The EP features the original mix and radio edit of both tracks and delivers the pure, soothing sounds consistent with Eco’s past productions.

The first track on the EP, ‘Walkabout’, commences with a solid 133 BPM bass line layered with a soft cymbal sound. Eco slowly builds us up, incorporating a distant chanting voice ever so often and further layering the track with various gentle sounds. The bass line cuts out at the 2:30 mark to welcome a harmonious piano segment that allows the chanting vocals to be showcased. The bass drop that follows is not forced or over exaggerated, but rather has a very natural sync with the ebb and flow of the track. As a whole, the track harbors a feel of meditation and peacefulness that is transposed to the listener.

‘The Calm’, as the name suggests, evokes a sense of stillness in the listener with its intonation and consistent bass line slightly stronger than that of Walkabout at a measure of 134 BPM. The thumping bass is complimented by a reoccurring scaling of sounds that will send a friendly shiver down your spine. Similar to ‘Walkabout’, the bass line cuts out around the 2:30 mark into a tranquil piano segment. The serenity ‘The Calm’ communicates is undeniable; even when the bass kicks in again just before the 4:00 mark, the melodic undertones prevail.

To celebrate the release of this New York based producer’s highly anticipated album, Constellations In You, Eco will be playing a 7 hour set at Santos Party House on Friday, September 13th hosted by none other than Esscala Entertainment. Anyone who has caught an Eco set before knows that this is not an event to miss! Until then, Eco leaves us yearning for more with the untainted Trance sounds of his Walkabout/ The Calm EP.

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