EDX- Hyped

EDX puts his best foot forward with his new track ‘Hyped.’ Out now on Toolroom Records, ‘Hyped’ features uplifting chords and little eccentricities that drive the melody. ‘Hyped’ stands out from other progressive house tracks flooding the market in that it does not become monotonous by repeating the same loop; rather, the track takes unexpected turns, delivering fresh new sounds and breakdowns as it progresses by building on the underlying beat. ‘Hyped’ builds us up with a deadmau5-esque tone to the 1:15 mark where it takes on a more euphoric, big-room feel. Around the 2:10 mark, the track breaks down into a dirtier beat with strong drum-like sounds. EDX ends ‘Hyped’ with the culmination of all it’s sounds for a strong finish. Kudos to EDX for this fantastic track!

Purchase: Beatport

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