Ehrencrona – This Is So Good

This might be the best song that you don’t know about.

Ehrencrona of, you guessed it, Sweden, gives us a track that not only updates the ‘Levels‘ sound, but bests it.

‘This Is So Good’ has been incorrectly labeled as an Avicii track on various YouTubes, but the Avicii-esque track belongs to Ehrencrona.

It’s unknown whether Avicii supports his countryman’s track yet, but it wouldn’t be a total surprise if it did garner his support in the near future.

Perhaps the next rising star from Sweden, Ehrencrona’s Souondcloud features several catchy tunes worth a listen.

Ehrencrona – This Is So Good
[audio: – This Is So Good.mp3|titles=Ehrencrona – This Is So Good.mp3]

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