Electric Zoo 2011 Interview: DIRTY SOUTH

So I got to meet up with Dirty South for the second time (first time at Electric Daisy Carnival) for a short Q and A, and once again I was blown away by his humble demeanor and awesome answers. He has a new record coming out called “Walking Alone” that we all got to hear him road test during his set following this interview, he played a total of 3 gigs this weekend in NYC (2 sets at EZF and 1 at the Pacha afterparty), and his single “Alive” was being played by tons of acts over the course of festival. More or less, the dude is an absolute savage and an all-around great guy. Click Read More for the full interview!

J-Brown: What is your favorite tune to drop live at the moment?

Dirty South: Definitely “Alive”. It has just been so big.

J-Brown: What do you like about the New York crowd? Do you feel like people are generally up for it?

Dirty South: I think the crowd is awesome. Like when I played yesterday, I mean the energy is just insane. It is really nice for a DJ to play to a warm and energetic crowd.

J-Brown: “Alive” was huge. Your ‘Invisible” remix was massive as well. What is next? Any awesome collabs or originals in the pipeline?

Dirty South: Yea, I just finished a new song called “Walking Alone” and I’m gonna road test it tonight. I play like in an hour. So I got that and some other stuff as well. A few remixes coming too.

J-Brown: Who are you most excited to see at the festival?

Dirty South: I actually haven’t gotten to see anybody. At these types of events, its generally hard for us to see sets, you know with interviews and all. But I am actually playing the after party with Alesso so I will get to see him. I have really been into his stuff.

J-Brown: You had an extra set added yesterday to replace Martin Solveig. How did that come about?

Dirty South: Martin hurt his back. And I was around and free at the time. So he contacted me. And the people at Electric Zoo contacted me. And it worked out.

J-Brown: Anything new for Phazing Records coming up? Are you looking into signing any artists and perhaps mentoring a young producer, similar to what Seb and Refune did with Alesso?

Dirty South: For Phazing, the next single is going to be “Walking Alone”, with Those Usual Suspects. With Phazing, I am really looking into promoting some of these younger guys. I think thats really important. Of course, I am looking into mentoring someone, but I have yet to find them.


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