Electric Zoo Festival 2011 Spotlight: Feed Me

Feed Me can be summed up in 3 words. Groovy, crushing, and unpredictable. From last winter’s release of, Feed Me’s Big Adventure, laced with devastating drops and catchy vocals, to this summer’s slightly more tame, To The Stars EP (both on Mau5trap records), Feed Me has been gaining more and more acclaim in the Electro House and Dubstep worlds. Over just about the last 9 months, Feed Me has blown up speakers with tracks like ‘Grand Theft Ecstacy’ and its funky synth lines, ‘Muscle Rollers’ (feat. Kill The Noise) which features some of the heaviest drops I’ve heard in a while, and ‘Strange Behavior’ showcasing the lovely vocals of Tasha Baxter. He even found some time to give his take on Robyn’s hit ‘Call Your Girl Friend.’

If you really want to start off EZF with a bang, you can find Feed Me at the Red Bull Riverside tent on Friday at 4pm.

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